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functional | 24 Maj, 2019 04:40

This season, you’ll see t shirt dresses making a comeback for special occasions and even being worn by a number of celebrities.T shirt dresses can come in a variety of styles and fabrics giving you lots of options with a style that is seemingly straightforward. The t shirt dress is something you really should consider including in your summer wardrobe. This dress is also perfect to wear as a tunic over navy leggings. The loose off the shoulder t shirt dress is certainly a popular style trend. The v neck has a contrasting navy trim against white. Truly there are so many different variations of the basic t shirt now found in a dress or tunic length top that you really can’t go wrong in finding at least one if not several of these pieces to layer into your wardrobe.

The style is looser at the top and more fitted at the waist giving it a flirty, sexy style while still remaining true to the t shirt dress style. T shirt dresses are not simply just for casual occasions anymore.Another great example of the t shirt dress is the Hunter Maldives Striped Dress also by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer. This baby jersey cotton t shirt fabric is styled in a v neck with a tie around the waist.A dressier option that embodies a t shirt dress style is the Burca Scoopneck dress by Velvet. No matter what your style, the t shirt dress is something that you should consider incorporating into your closet. This longer version of your essential v neck tee is a great staple piece for your summer dress wardrobe and is stylish while also being comfortable and easy to wear. We love this trend because it is a great way to dress up something casual and yet still be comfortable.

As you can see there are a number of different ways that t shirt dresses can be worn and in a variety of different fabrics. This dress features a slinky rayon fabric which adds to the dressier style, and features a bold silver zipper down the back of this dress.. The tie around the waist really does give you added versatility and gives this dress a more fitted look than a loose t shirt. Another baby jersey cotton dress, this dress is also comfortable and easy to wear. This dress features an off center v neck on a striped t shirt dress.

Depending on the piece it can also work as a tunic top paired with leggings in colder weather too. With tunic tops and leggings also becoming so popular of late, the t shirt dress is really a variant of that trend and a great way to add versatility to your wardrobe. This dress has a t shirt Mattress Jacquard Manufacturers fit that is loose and can even fall a touch off the shoulder. Consider the Berta dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer. Comfort is always something we consider when buying any item and especially dresses, so the t shirt dress is a welcome trend because it is such a great comfort piece.


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